Be patient and calm – for no one can catch fish in anger. – Herbert Hoover

This has been one of those years. Not predictable at all. Big guys are just not around. But yet the YFT is off the hook. Spent July 4th fishing… all day 7 am until about 10 pm.

It was a perfect day on the water once again.

One of the most exciting sights was the huge bunker pods breaking the top of the water. I don’t know what was chasing them but they were dancing all over the place. It’s funny how you can smell the bunker even before you see them. Not far behind the dolphins making their way inshore.

I love being on a center console boat. It truly puts you right at one with the water and weather. While some would rather have their comforts I have enjoyed openness of being on the boat/ocean. No doubt they are fish raiser.  You chose your days carefully with a captain that has the skill and confidence while also is extremely prepared. Last years white marlin trip showed me exactly what 2 people (captain and myself) and a 23′ Regulator can do. I will forever be impressed by it. My first BFT was caught on the same boat.

At the end of July 4th we made our way to the back to be surrounded by spectacular fireworks all around.

Then one of the most amazing sights… I wish I could have captured a pic of…

The Cape May inlet had a line of boats coming in from the ocean, one at a time … what a beautiful vision it was.


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