Fishing the Ladies Invitational Bluefish Tournament

I had the pleasure to be invited to fish the LIBT with Capt Don and his lovely wife Christine,  Jess, Tracey and Mary for team “Left Hook”. I was nervous but excited as I have become accustom to fishing with mostly men and doing my share of the mate work.

We arrived the night before the tourney in OC and met with the Capt and AJ to layout the plan of action. For the ladies the instructions were “be up and at the boat at 5:45 am”. I fell right to sleep as I had been fishing, out on the water from 5am until about 7:30 pm.

In the AM everyone was up and ready with high expectations to get on the water.

This is Jess and it was her first time salt water fishing out front. She was awesome and quickly became addicted. When it was her turn up she was so excited she could have knocked Santa out of the way if he was on the boat.

Capt Don and his wife run a beautiful 29′ Regulator with ample space for all of us and a few bean bags thrown to the back. We secured our “sitting” positions and took off, first to box check the out to the bluefish gang land.

Christine reeling in a Bluefish


It was a bit of a slow start at the first destination but we all had confidence the fish would be found. The deployment of tackle consisted of……..Lures:3oz pony tails,Spoons,Cedar plugs

ran at 3-5kts

Ac ridge,South end of cigar, then BAM Fish caught at 28 mile wreck

Fish count: 28 landed and a few lost all around the 9-10lb

During the trip stories were shared and lots of laughter took place. I have never fished with a group that has a much fun as these ladies. Although we feared our Capt and mate if not prepared after a few reprimands (all in fun) we started to wait with the belt on. Before long we were into steady action with bluefish lighting up the fish finder. Often times multiple hook ups!!! This went on for a few hours and we fished until the whistle blew and we had to get back to the check in.

We had to be ready…..

Great day, lot’s of laughs and fish!

I cannot say enough of how well Capt Don orchestrated the ladies, boat, fish etc…. And the ladies did an outstanding job. Men can be very serious fishing and so can women… but there was an awful lot of laughter and some great stories to share. I had a blast.

Lesson learned.