What if…..

I fished my first tournament (No Bones). While the week before I could hardly sleep it wasn’t because I doubt my fishing skills. I was more worried about disappointing the rest of the team.  Kept thinking the week before what if…. all the worrying did not do much good. It was a slow, slow day. While the weather was overcast with only peeks of the sun the back bay was tolerable. But it was also a parking lot. Opening Day for Flounder brings thoughts and dreams of most anglers who have lived a lifetime in pursuit of the magic “doormat”. Like a sugarplum dancing through my head the night before the big day, it’s all I could think of. After giving the BB a shot and the boat bringing in an assortment of fish (bluefish, sea robin, throwback flounder) we headed out front. Game on now, cause time was ticking away. The sea bass where there but the flounder could not be had. We tried all their favorite treats and they just were not having it. The skies started getting real dark… then bang… Capt get’s a nice fish … FINALLY nice fat keeper!!!!! Try and try and that was it. Prepare the raingear…..it’s going to pour. And it did. Back at the dock and then over to a great celebration with friends. It was a fun time.

Next day, much nicer weather and right back out there. My first hookup the rod was bent over and I was so excited as the Capt yelled “maybe a doormat”……. !!!!!! In my head I am thinking everyone is going to get some flounder this weekend cause I am bringing it in.  BUT no, fish and their cruelty to humans… big doggie. UHG! We move, we drift, what if….I had a couple sea bass and one more big doggie that day. But it was so beautiful out there, I want to be there all the time.

Life is so much like fishing…. and the what if’s…..

best fishing advise of lately can also be applied to life…

“Trust yourself, you know more than you think you do.”