I almost forgot where I put my …

license!!! Remember  you need to register to fish. Here is the link:  https://www.countmyfish.noaa.gov/

I found mine as I had received it in the first week of FEB. Put it aside so I would not lose it (somewhere safe-lol)BTW, it’s not waterproof or smudge proof. I can bet it’s never going to make it through the season with me. But NOAA I’ll try.

This saturday I was really excited because it was time to get back on the water.

I cheated a few weeks ago and went on a big boat to Drum Fish.  I had a stellar day with one big fighter (kidding)… a doggie (PIA). It felt very strange to me to be on a boat and not have to carry on gear, set up, bait my hook, put out line, reel in… etc. I didn’t really like that part. But I give a huge amount of credit to the people who mate. It’s an awesome job but a tough one. I am sure the personalities and ego’s can make it tough some times.

It was a late arrival, early afternoon. Boat splashed… few tune ups etc… We already got word that there wasn’t a drum bite on either side so we headed out for opening day of Sea Bass. My first time.

a boat on his way out

As the Capt’ cleaned out the cob webs full throttle we went… rigs were made in anticipation of the discovery. It was overcast with peeks of sun and a nice calm sea. Upon arrival at the destination I stood amazed once again… how beautiful is the color of the ocean!! It seems like it’s always just there waiting for you.

We ready our lines (3 hooks (1’s) and fresh surf clam) and drop em down to 65′ in water temp about 57. Bam Bam Bam…. 3 little fish! Upon inspection sea bass have some dramatic blue highlight against black. They really are a beautiful fish up close. They are solid little fish with a pretty good defence system with the top spikes.

This is it, we keep drifting this place, over and over. I reeled in my biggest on an empty hook at 17″ .  The boat ended the day with 34 or so keepers (split between capt and crew) and at least triple that amount thrown back to carry on. Sun was just going down on the way back in.

It was a wonderful day. Remember Sea Bass were closed… and the stupidity of the # crunchers leaves me amazed. They can close a season but later you can legally keep 25 fish pp?! You do not need to keep 25 Sea Bass pp a day-just because you can. As tasty as they are there is quite enough meat.

Last night I sat down to a delicious dinner of fresh salad (romaine picked right out of the garden), bruschetta, and panko covered sea bass, sautéed in a little light olive oil. Simple and delicious!