“In the morning be first up, and in the evening, last to go to bed, for they that sleep catch no fish” –

My one and only striper was 11/2007 in Dbay, a long freezing cold day chunking w/bunker produced one amazing just short of a keeper fish (he was 6lb 5 oz.) kissed (for real) and released.

It was a start….. and I am patient. Since that day I have not had one striper bite. There have been numerous other species of fish but some how those suckers knew when the moment was going to be right I guess.

I am still having trouble putting this into words and any of you that understand the significance of having something happen that almost seems like it’s unattainable can hopefully appreciate this.

2nd time out on the Cape May Cowboy Prissywick Rips (first time was a wooo hoo experiencebut I gave that day my best shot for a good 8 hours and nothing ) left the dock about 7 am for the short ride, bundeled in layers of warm cloths. Incoming tide, clear out sw breze 5-10 knots… drifting bow into rips. 8am going through the first set of rips…and crap… I think I am tangled in another line (any one who has fished sebastian inlet knows how good you become at it)…. but no….I was carelessly reeling, not really knowing what was going on, and even let the line go slack at least 2 times… but to my utter amazement……………. and I mean a real WOW moment….hook falls out of mouth of a beautiful striper in the net and then on the deck 38″…

capt finds a groove in this rip and each time a fish… nice healthy short fish, released…

10:08 am we are set up to go through the same pattern again… we are getting through the first crazy rip and BAM like a freight train and my rod is bent like an upside down U… I am thinking it’s going to snap… this fish is pissed and going everywhere, but we are still going through the rips and the nastiest one is fast approaching… capt say’s brace yourself and don’t lose the fish..I held on to my set up and nothing else, not sure how I did not fall over, those couples minutes were like a flash… fish is still fighting, but I get him in…. 39″

 back through a few more times and more shorts…

about 12:30 and another fish, I think I have lost him, but he is heading towards the boat at 100mph….. reeel, reel, reel……… and in a big fat 38″ (which weighed in at 19 lbs, the others were 17.7 lbs and 18.2 respectively)

Great work by the Capt…running, netting, encouraging… Ocean stripers are amazingly beautiful…….. the colors their eyes, etc…. All fish were reeling in on my GLoomis IMX 6′ med/heavy action 10-17lc ROD using my Avet 5.3 SX silver on 40lb suffix yellow braid, w/3′ leader 30lb uzori pink floura carbon, 2 ounces of lead, 8/0 gamagstzu circle hook (paint stripped off by the end of the trip btw) using live spot.

I want to note** I will not take another striper for a very long time into the future. It’s catch and release no matter how big now. I am humbeled. I also have a ton of respect for you Charter guys out there in the rips everyday… amazing.

 After everything was packed and cleaned… I sat down and cried like a baby… truly one of the best moments/fishing trips of my life… I never thought it was going to happen, just hoped ….even after the BFT, flounder, snook, mahi, countless other fish….endless offshore trips…






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